M O N C T O N  T A C O  W E E K . MAY 4 - 14, 2022

*  The availability of the tacos is varied and at different times SO please be sure to FOLLOW the restaurants on fb and Instagram or do a quick google search to make sure you know the schedule of each place before taking the trip. HAPPY TACO WEEK MONCTON, RIVERVIEW, DIEPPE AND SHEDIAC ❤!! We're so lucky to have 38 restaurants participating this year and they're working hard to keep the tacos flowing, so be kind + patient & remember to tip your waitress/ waiter, it's going to be a wild week of supporting our community through the love of friends and tacos ❤


Vegan/vegetarian Options 
Tait House Shediac
La Sancha
Maiz & Mixta (Happenings Pop up @ Holy Bowly)
Euston Park
Scotts Kitchen ( Pop up at Happy Brew)

1) Mexis Downtown
Tacos de Camarones

Flour or soft white corn tortillas, jalapeno, crusted shrimp, cabbage, zesty cucumber & mango chutney, fresco cheese

2)Mexis Fresh Express (Mapleton)
Baja Fish Tacos
$15.99 (2 tacos)
Flour tortilla, crispy haddock, avocado crema, creamy basil coleslaw, monterey jack cheese, sweet pickled onions

3) DUO

4) Tide & Boar Brewing
Fish Tacos with mango salsa
Fish, mango salsa, mole

5) La Sancha
Shrimp + Vegetarian option

6) Guacamole (Mexican Street Food)
Thai Coconut Fish Tacos
Tacos au poisson thai et noix de coco
$12.95 (3 tacos)
Lime filet of fish, red cabbage slaw, marinated jalapenos, cilantro, thai coconut sauce
Filet de poisson a la lime, salade de choux rouge, jalapeno marines, coriande, sauce thai a la noix de coco

7) Cafe Archibald (2 locations)
Beet Horseradish Braised Beef Tacos
Tacos au boeuf braise et horseradish au bettraves
$14 (3 tacos)
Braised beef, red onions, red peppers, mushrooms, iceberg lettuce and beet horseradish cream.
Boeuf braise, oignons rouges, poivrons rouges, champignons, laitue iceberg et sauce cremeuse horseradish aux bettraves

8) White Rabbit

9) Euston Park
*A full menu of dream tacos to be announced soon! Follow them on social media*
vegan options will be avail!

10) Lostandfound ICE CREAM
Holé Molé
Peanut butter ice cream topped with chocolate fudge, a white chocolate brown butter crumble inside a chocolate waffle cone

11) Dolma Food

Price $10 for 2 tacos

Open form Monday to Saturday 11am to 2pm
Jerk Chicken Taco
Jerked chicken taco with mixed greens, micro greens, mango salsa and crema

12) Le Moque Tortue Shediac
Lobster, scallop and shrimp taco
Lobster, scallop, shrimp with a curry sauce

13) Tait House Shediac & Two Nine Three Whiskey Cocktail Bar
Chicken Shwarma Tacos / Halloumi Shwarma Tacos
Chicken/Halloumi Yogurt + Mayonnaise Garlic, smoked paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, cucumber, tomato, onion, dill, flour tortilla

14) Kelseys
The Taco Trio
Three delicious burger inspired tacos on one plate, served with our famous Kettle Chips!  Whatever your preference- the Pickle Truckstop Taco, the Savory Bacon Bourbon BBQ Taco, or the Appy Taco featuring our Famous Spinach Dip- we've got you covered!

15) Sports rock Moncton
Chipotle popcorn shrimp
popcorn shrimp, chipotle tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, shredded carrot

16) Blue Olive
Three options
Lamb, chicken + falafel

17) St James Gate Moncton
Fried Shrimp Tacos
Coleslaw, fried shrimp, avocado cream, lime aioli, picked onions

18) Shaky Breaky
Banana Split Taco
Crepe, banana, whipped cream, strawberry, chocolate + caramel syrup, and a cherry on top

19) Lord Of the Wings
Buffalo Chicken Taco
Lettuce, buffalo chicken, pickled onion, blue cheese

20) Big Dogs BBQ Shack
BBQ Chicken Taco
Arugula, pulled BBQ chicken, coleslaw, cheddar cheese

21) Maiz & Mixta Taqueria ( at Holy Bowly in Riverview/Happenings Pop Up)
Chicharron(meat) & Rajas (vegan) stay tuned, follow them on social media
and follow @happeningspopups !

22) Big Leagues
Boneless buffalo double play
boneless chicken wings in Frank’s Red Hot sauce, purple cabbage, shredded carrot and celery, drizzle of blue cheese dressing

23) Tide and Boar Gastropub
Birria Taco ( dip it! )
Going to be one of the top, I already know

24) Scotts Kitchen Taco (at Happy Brew)
* 3 options *
Vietnamese inspired taco
Bulgogi Beef taco (featured in photo)
Korean Kimchi pulled chicken taco

25) Cut Throat Pizza
The Works Pizza
Pizza dough shell, lettuce, pepperoni, hamburger, mushroom, onion, peppers, bacon, pizza sauce, mozza

26) Gahan Hub City

27) Brooklyn Deli
Philly Cheese Taco
Philly Steak, saute mushrooms, peppers, onions, lettuce, garlic aoli, cheese on side

28) Sully's Fish n Chips
Citrus Shrimp Taco
Popcorn shrimp, lettuce, citrus slaw, citrus aoli

29) Classic Burger (Downtown)
Scallop Tacos with Pineapple Salsa
Seared scallops on corn tortillas with pineapple slaw and red cabbage

30) Five Bridges 

31) Sports rock Dieppe
Chipotle popcorn shrimp
popcorn shrimp, chipotle tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, shredded carrot

32) Old Triangle
Jerk Chicken taco with mango salsa

33) Pump House Brewpub
El Vientre de Cerdo(Pork Belly)
Flour torilla, smoked porkbelly, pineapple salsa, pickled onion

34) Cinta Ria (on the brochure Cinta Maria)
Rendang Chicken Taco (little spicy)
$18 (2 tacos)
Chicken rendang(white meat), iceberg lettuce, onion/tomato salsa, deep fried noodle, coconut mayo, toasted coconut, cilantro on Malaysian flat bread

35) Boston Pizza Moncton
Jalepeño Shrimp Tacos
Tacos au Crevettes Jalepeños
3 Soft Tacos with Lettuce, Red Onions, Cheddar Cheese, fresh Tomatoes, Tortilla Strips, Breaded Jalapeño Shrimp drizzled with Creamy Sweet Chili Sauce and a hint of lime
Trois tacos souples avec laitue, oignons rouges, cheddar, tomates, lanieres de tortillas, sauce chili sucree cremeuse avec un peut de lime

36) Classic Burger (Mapleton)
Carne Asada Steak Tacos
Grilled shaved steak, sour cream, pico de gaillo salsa and a spritz of fresh lime juice

37) Route 6 Spicy & Grill
Jumbo Shrimp Taco
flour tortilla, ,cheese, breaded shrimp, julienned pico de gallo, cilantro lime sauce, ancho chipotle sauce, chives

38) Fox Creek St James Gate
Candied Salmon Taco w/ pickled pineapple salsa
Candied smoke Atlantic salmon, pickled pineapple salsa, spinach, green onion, wasabi mayo