M O N C T O N  T A C O  W E E K . MAY 4 - 14, 2024

photo: Jeremie Doiron

Jared Betts, Founder, Director & CEO of Moncton Taco Week rang the opening bell on the sixth annual Moncton Taco Week saying, “This is a great event to help kickoff the summer season and celebrate Moncton’s community spirit. Moncton Taco Week has always been about celebrating Moncton’s international culinary flavors through the joy and excitement of tacos.”

Last years event had over 10,000 attendees, Moncton Taco Week has brought together local restaurants and together they are inviting the Greater Moncton community to experience flavors from all over the world through tacos! Dining in or grab-to-go, taco week is about supporting local artists, chefs, and restaurants. Creating sustainable change, supporting local businesses, and enjoying a great meal is what's called a win-win-win.

Jared Betts is an award winning painter and has exhibited his works nationally and internationally. Jared's significant accomplishments include maintaining and painting the world's largest lobster statue in Shediac, exhibiting in Iceland, Tokyo, Paris, London, Hamburg and exhibiting at the National Gallery of Costa Rica in San Jose. He completed two group exhibitions at the Beaverbrook, New Brunswick's provincial gallery and he will be doing an artist residency in 2025 along with a year long solo exhibition in the new entrance gallery space. In July 2024 he will exhibit a solo exhibition at Katzman Art Projects in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Through Jared's artist residency adventures around the world he learned how truly outrageous a taco could be like Jem and the Holograms - while in Mexico, working at a Lesbian taco bar in the Virgin Islands run by NSCAD bff Anna FitzGerald + living in Costa Rica twice, pulling from these dream experiences with tacos, Moncton Taco Week was born! So get out there, get a group of friends together and support our thriving community through celebrating food around the table with loved ones and most of all HAVE FUN!

J A R E D  B E T T S 

Taco Week Inc.
Founder, Executive Director, CEO
Instagram @jaredbetts