M O N C T O N  T A C O  W E E K . MAY 4 - 14, 2024


1. What’s in the taco? Is it GF? Is it vegan? Is it seafood? Is it dairy-free? Can my dog eat it? Is it grass fred? Can I get mine modified? What’s in the secret sauce? Are there nuts in this? 

A: ALL great questions! To make sure you’re having an optimal taco experience that meets your specific dietary needs or food allergies, we advise you contact the restaurants directly. They’re the experts and they know their tacos.

1b. Where are the vegan/vegetarian tacos?

A: Blue Olive, La Chiquita, Gaxiola Mexican Restaurant and Flourless Pot East Coast Restaurant

2. Are they available every day? What if I can’t get there at lunch? I need a taco NOW!

A: First: don’t panic! Taco Week aims to accommodate everyone’s schedule! That’s why the restaurants are serving their creations throughout their business hours. Do a quick google search or please check with the restaurant (IG,FB, online, phone) for their usual hours.

We’re so lucky to have so many restaurants participating this year and they’re working hard to keep the tacos flowing, like taco lava joy.

3. So, what is Taco Week? 

A: Great question! Taco Week is a festival for ten days happening in Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview and Shediac, where restaurants put one special taco on their menu, exact same thing as poutine fest or burger week! 

4. How am I going to eat all the tacos? It needs to be a month long, taco week should be all year!

A: We at Moncton Taco Week think that a good food festival needs lots of options, just like the Circus or the fantasia salad bar at Ponderosa(rip). You can't possibly try everything, so make a list of ones you really want to try! ALSO, highly recommended, you can make a taco crew and try sharing while hitting many spots together! 

5. Where can I find the brochure?

A. You can find the brochure at all restaurants participating in Moncton Taco Week as well as at each sponsors establishment.