M O N C T O N  T A C O  W E E K . M A Y 1 - 7 M A I,  2 0 1 9



  1. What’s in the taco? Is it GF? Is it vegan? Is it seafood? Is it dairy-free? Can I get mine modified? What’s in the secret sauce? Are there nuts in this?

A: Great question! To make sure you’re having an optimal taco experience that meets your specific dietary needs, we advise you contact the restaurants directly. They’re the experts and they know their tacos.

1b. Where are these vegan tacos?

A: Our fantastic partner Dolma Sushi Café is serving up vegan tacos! Find their ingredients HERE Taco #9 .


  1. Are they available every day? What if I can’t get there at lunch? I need a taco!

A: First: don’t panic! Taco Week aims to accommodate everyone’s schedule! That’s why the restaurants are serving their creations throughout their business hours. Please check with the restaurant (FB, online, phone) for their usual hours.

We’re so lucky to have 29 restaurants participating this year and they’re working hard to keep the tacos flowing.


  1. WE LOVE TACO WEEK! We’re going to host our own fancy Taco Week event… can you please promote it?

A: WE LOVE THAT YOU LOVE TACO WEEK. We love it, too! This year’s sponsors and restaurants booked their promotions months in advance – but do get in touch with us for next year. And good luck with your event! 😊


  1. So, what is Taco Week?

A: Taco Week is a festival for one week happening in Moncton where 29 restaurants put one special taco on their menu! 1$ from every taco plate sold goes to United Way! 


  1. How does the passport thing work? Can I submit a bundle of passports to add up to seven restaurants? What if I eat seven tacos at one restaurant? Can my friend and I have joint custody of one passport? What about my whole family sharing one passport?

A: To keep things fair, your Passport to Taco Week is limited to one (1) passport entry per person. You will get one stamp per taco plate purchase at participating restaurants. Try as many tacos as you can! Passports with seven or more stamps will be entered for the Grand Prize package. Drop your Taco Week Passports off at Piatto 750 Main St. There will be a United Way box ready for you. Happy Tacos!


  1. What restaurants are participating? Are there any events that have deals or parties?

A: We’re stoked that you’re excited about Taco Week. All the participating restaurants and their addresses are RIGHT HERE . Events are also planned and you can check them out HERE. Have fun!