M O N C T O N  T A C O  W E E K . M A Y 1 - 7 M A I,  2 0 1 9

A spa day from USVA Spa Nordik as part of a "Local Luxurious Staycation" with SJG. Spend the day relaxing at the new Nordik Spa overlooking our city, then enjoy a night in the beautiful Master Suite at St. James' Gate Boutique Hotel with a complimentary dinner at the St. James' Gate Restaurant (value of $500)

For every taco you eat, you get a stamp on your passport.
Participants must have a minimum of 7 stamps to be eligible for the Grand final prize
* Passports must be submitted into a United Way box at Piatto (759 Main St.) before 8pm, May 8th for a chance to win the grand prize.